Interface Design +
Information Architecture

Class Fourteen -- final critique

This is it: One last look at your projects. Hopefully, you feel like you’ve gained something the past semester.

I’ll be posting your grades next week once you’ve submitted your class project. The sample spread sheet with the breakdown of your grade is on the LearningSpace server and you can also refer to previous posts. As I’ve mentioned before, I would like you to turn a soft copy of your work. It is not required to provide source files or a finished product. But you DO need to convince me of how the interface will behave and what the interaction will be. So use as many screens as necessary in the prototype/click-thru portion of your piece. Also provide the documentation that you’ve been creating along the way.

You should be prepared to present your work as if the class was your client. I’ll grade your presentation, so get comfortable with the pitch. I’m also taking notes on your feedback to each other, as one way to measure your understanding of the materials we’ve covered.

As far as the artifacts go, you can use the list below to prepare or re-organize your project. Your project shouldn’t have a sample for each of these items. But I’m looking for some deliverables in each general category (discovery, design and development). Your goal is to show that you’ve followed thru a workflow that resulted into the final design.

Creative Brief
Requirements Document
Site map
Hierarchy Chart
Structural Map
Thumbnail Sketches
Layout Sketches

Please be on time so we can go over each project. You are being graded on your ability to critique and I would hate to begin and not give you the opportunity to comment on all projects.

Have fun and if you have any questions, drop me a note.
Good luck.

Interface Design + Information Architecture